Monday, April 12, 2021

Penguin Chillers has a new logo.

 As our business continues to grow we're introducing a new logo as well. Check out our new Penguin and let us know what you think!

Friday, July 24, 2020

USA based Penguin Chillers REPAIRS “Un-repairable” Ss Brewtech Chiller for dissatisfied Brewtech customer!

Rob had posted his frustrations in achiller user group on Facebook. We just happened to see the post along with an opportunity to possibly help out. Robs Ss Brewtech 1/3 HP chiller wasn't working and had no warranty. After 20 days of emails back and forth plus trying various parts to fix the issue, Ss Brewtechs support team finally threw in the towel on trying to repair the chiller. They said there was nothing more that they could do rendering the $1,000 chiller useless.

PENGUIN CHILLERS reached out to Rob and he sent us the chiller a few days later. In less than 72hrs of receiving it, we were able to diagnose the issue, order parts, and then get the chiller functioning. 72hrs to working with us versus 20 days and no service solution from Ss Brewtech. PENGUIN CHILLERS will continue to run some additional tests and tweeks to make sure this unit will keeps running before returning it to Rob. One of the differences we try to point out is that PENGUIN CHILLERS is the manufacturer AND retailer of our entire product line. We offer a free 1 year warranty on our chillers plus unparalleled customer service and support after you've received your chiller. Other brands such as SS brewtech, Icemaster, Blichmann, etc are ONLY product retailers. Even if they offer you a product warranty, they are not the ones who will service your unit. We try our best to convey this to other chiller users but sometimes we all learn things the hard way.... case in point!
PENGUIN CHILLERS designs and manufacturers each of our units. This means we know all of the intricate details about how our chillers function. Because of this, if an issue should arise, we are able to diagnose the problem quickly and with more accuracy than others. We aren't looking at a prompt, or reading off of a diagnosis checklist to you. PENGUIN CHILLERS is able to service and support our products to a level that is not possible for other companies who only retail chillers being manufactured over seas. 

As it turns out, we can service and support their chillers........ better than they can.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Penguin Chillers offers tips on using Glycol for chilling

1. Do not use antifreeze intended for cars

2. Use the correct Glycol for your application and product

4. Don’t mix different types or brands of glycol

5. Check environmental regulations for storage and disposal

6. Use the correct mixture of Glycol


    Automotive Antifreeze is formulated specifically for use in automotive engines which operate at much higher temperatures. It is therefore unable to maintain the levels of heat transfer required for a chiller. Automotive Glycol can also contain other non-glycol chemicals, including alcohol or glycerin. These differences can lead to clogging in your system’s pipework, causing your unit to under perform and fail over time. Automotive Glycol might be more readily available, but you should always buy Glycol from a specialist provider. Penguin Chillers offers Propylene Glycol by the Gallon on our website at Penguin Chillers Glycol.

    2. Is your Propylene Glycol a certified food grade product?

    You should consider toxicity as a major factor when purchasing Glycol, because depending on what product you produce or service you provide, the Glycol will need to meet minimum toxicity requirements. If you’re in the Food and Beverage industry or an industry where the user will come into frequent contact with the system, it’s a legal requirement that the Glycol used be a certified Food Grade Propylene based product to ensure that no risk is posed to your customers. Penguin Chillers Propylene Glycol is a certified Food Grade product which meets those requirements. It can be purchased on our website at Penguin Chillers Glycol.


    Because of the chemical differences and variances in formula between brands, it is important that you not only use the correct type of Glycol, but also the same brand. Failure to maintain consistency could clog up your pipework because of incompatibility and may void your Penguin Chillers Warranty.

    4. CHECK ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS for storage and disposal.

    Ensure that you have an environmentally responsible plan for storage and disposal of Glycol or you could face government imposed fines.


    It is important to ensure that you use the correct concentration of Glycol for your unit. Too little can lead to bacteria growth or freezing in the pipes – which will cause damage to the internal pipework of your system and may void your warranty. Too much Glycol can lead to the fluid in your unit becoming (slushie) thicker than the internal pump can handle. This too can damage your equipment and lower its lifecycle. Concentrations over a certain threshold can even cause the freezing temperature of the liquid to rise. This can reverse the benefit of using Glycol in the first place.

        If you have any questions or concerns please email us at: SUPPORT@PENGUINCHILLERS.COM or visit our website at: Penguin Chillers

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Are you giving your Chiller a good workout?

It's summer time which means HOT temperatures. If your giving your Chiller a good workout, it may be time for some new accessories to keep things running cool!
Penguin Chillers is currently offering all Accessory Packages, for both Glycol and Water Chillers, at discounted prices on the website. Packages include items such as Vinyl or Silicone Tubing, Adaptor Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Glycol, Controllers and Water Pumps.
Visit our website at to view all products available. We have everything you'll need to keep your Chiller Chillin'.